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Free Comic Book Day
Zenescope Entertainment Comics for All Ages

Zenescope Entertainment usually creates titles that are a bit on the mature side (Se7en, Grimm Fairy Tales, etc), but when Free Comic Book Day hits, the company will unveil its Gold Line and a new title for everyone. We all know kids like dinosaurs and spacemen, so why not combine the two? Dyno Force features a team of mutated dinosaur heroes that battle aliens and a team of mutated, evil “Dino-soldiers” on present day earth. In order to help prod sales, Zenescope has announced it will give away Dyno Force #0 for free during Free Comic Book Day. After that,…

Free Comic Book Day
Free Comic Book Day – The Complete List

Free Comic Book Day is May 5th this year, and if you are lucky enough to have a really nice comic retailer, perhaps you’ll be able to score the entire list! Gold Sponsors ARCHIE COMICS Little Archie “THE Legend of the Lost Lagoon” #1—FCBD EDITION by Bob Bolling Little Archie, several campers and two counselors are boating on Loon Lake when they are suddenly caught in a dangerous storm. A golden owl, thought only to be a legend, directs them to the safety of a hidden tunnel that leads them to yet another legend, The Lost Lagoon! 32pgs, FC FREE

DC Comics Announces Titles for Free Comic Book Day

DC Comics will be giving away two very good titles for Free Comic Book Day 2007. First up is The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #1. This is the all-ages Johnny DC series spun off from the Kids WB animated series. This will be a 32-page book written by J Torres, with art by Chynna Clugston-Flores. The other issue is Justice League of America #0. This is an issue you will want to get for free as it tels the story of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman putting the League back together following the events of Infinite Crisis.…

Diamond Comic Distributors
Free Comics Equals More Customer

A survey conducted by Diamond Comic Distributors, has revealed what we already know – giving away free comics is a sure fire way of getting more people into the stores and actually buying stuff. According to the survey, retailers who participated in Free Comic Book Day 2006, experienced 57% higher sales on that day, with 35% of the respondents experienced significantly increased sales one month after the event. The numbers don’t stop at 76% said they gained customers in the month following FCBD 2006. “Even before the survey results were tabulated, retailers who participated in FCBD were sharing their success…

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