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Free Comic Book Day becomes Free Comic Book Summer

Free Comic Book Day, the comic book industry’s largest annual promotional event, is traditionally scheduled to take place the first Saturday in May each year. However, the impact and spread of COVID-19 prevented the event from being celebrated at its normal time this year. Now, the beloved event has been rescheduled and reworked to take place throughout July and early September in order to accommodate social-distancing and store capacity regulations across the country, effectively making it Free Comic Book Summer!

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COMICS PORTAL: Happy Halloween ComicFest 2019!

I know this is somewhat early to be talking about this subject, but I felt it important to ride a certain hobby horse of mine—supporting Halloween ComicFest again this year! It takes place on Saturday, October 26!

I think Free Comic Book Day continues to soar even higher every year, and I hope the same can be said about Halloween ComicFest coming this month as well!

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