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As I mentioned in my review of Batman #33 last week, I celebrated the official 75th anniversary of Batman on Wednesday, July 23, at the a local comics shop, wearing my Batman t-shirt with art by Greg Capullo on it. This took place at the Coliseum of Comics in Kissimmee, Florida, and it was a fun time. (Their website can be found at this location.) Lots of customers wore Bat-related clothing and costumes while picking up that conclusion to “Zero Year.” There were capes and masks galore, and I enjoyed celebrating Batman’s latest milestone.

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Just before the start of the Marvel Unlimited Plus Panel at the San Diego Comic Con, Agent M (Ryan Penagos) dropped a little hint about the upcoming Daredevil series from Netflix.

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I’ll admit I have some mixed feelings about the upcoming Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. On the one hand, it seems hard to capture the magic of the first film, especially with The Spirit (which totally stole the look and feel of Sin City thanks to shared director Frank Miller). On the other hand, Jamie Chung.

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Press Release The masters of two mediums come together with an all-new, limited-edition vinyl figure of Sin City’s beloved brute, Marv! This unique interpretation of Marv was created by Eric So, a master of modern design and a leader in the Hong Kong designer-toy movement. With the guidance of Frank Miller, So has sculpted a thirteen-inch vinyl figure that is unlike any that has come before it.

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I’ll admit it, I’m more than a little interested in seeing Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. For many, this was the eyeopener that showed a comic book adaptation could look like a comic book. For others it was reaffirmation that a movie could be done only on a greenscreen. And still for others it was a chance to see another Jessica Alba movie.  The latest trailer has landed and it touches on all of those elements again, and more.

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Get ready to clean up the drool after you check out the new character posters from Sin City. Joseph Gordon Levitt, Josh Brolin, Rosario Dawson, and more, after the jump!

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Frank Miller’s new RoboCop story continues this week with RoboCop: Last Stand #7. Take the jump for a sneak peek!

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via BOOM! Studios

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Seems like every director is tweeting information regarding their movies. Robert Rodriguez sent followers a couple of photos over the weekend, that shows Josh Brolin on set, and how he might look when all the magic goes on to remove the greenscreen and replace it with Frank Miller’s world.

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Casting news about Sin City 2 has been trickling in from time to time and we have two more additions to add to the list. The jump has the new actresses just added and a run down of everyone we know so far.

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Press Release Dimension Films announced today that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (LOOPER, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES) is joining the all-star cast as one of the lead characters in the highly anticipated SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR. The film is the follow up to co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s 2005 visually groundbreaking film, FRANK MILLER’S SIN CITY. Other major casting announcements will continue to follow.

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Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are returning to the director’s chair for Sin City 2, the follow up to the hit flick from 2005, and with shooting scheduled to begin on Monday, we’re learning about the actors joining the movie. The latest additions come in the form of two Jamies – Jamie King and Jamie Chung.

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Or – “There’s No Chris Martin Song About Murder, Is There?” This week’s Major Spoilers Podcast showcased the Major Spoilers crew’s thoughts on Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale’s ‘Daredevil: Yellow,’ a discussion which kept referencing Frank Miller’s epic run on the title at the dawn of the 80’s.  As the only one of the crew who read comic books circa ’82 (the other MSP hosts being busy as either an athlete or a gleam in a couple of young mens’ respective eyes) I thought it was high time to take a trip back to the Bronze Age and check out

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I didn’t “get” how powerful comics could be until I read The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller way back in the mid-80s. It is a massive story that seems almost impossible to adapt to a movie, but Warner Home Video is planning to do it with a two part movie coming later this year.

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