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Funko, the makers of POP! Vinyl figures, is set to drain your wallets and pocketbooks. The company unveiled its new line of DC figures featuring Batgirl, The Atom, White Canary, Firestorm, and Hawkman.

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You’ve had a chance to watch the latest episode of The Flash, now find out what you may (or may not) have missed in this week’s episode, “The Fury of Firestorm” in the latest installment of Flashback!

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The Fury of FIrestorm arrives next week, and the latest trailer gives us our first look at the new pairing.

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Man, it’s tough attending a big convention when you’re sick as a dog! But the motto for Megacon 2015 was “It’s Fun Time!” and so I soldiered through this high-octane event and still enjoyed what I could!

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Though we got our first look at Firestorm in this week’s episode of The Flash, Robbie Amell hasn’t donned the costume we all know and love. Or has he? The actor took to Instagram to tease us with the first real look at the familiar logo.

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Last night’s episode of The Flash, once again featured a number of nods to characters and events from the DC universe. Did you catch them all? Take the jump for ten fun facts and nods to the DCU (warning: potential spoilers ahead)

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If you were paying close attention to the premiere episode of The Flash, you heard the name Ronnie Raymond’s name dropped as one of the STAR Labs people who were “lost” in the explosion.  Does that mean Firestorm is on the way? Yes. Yes it does.

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The Flash television show is starting to look more and more like the Justice League each day. Today, The CW has announced it has cast Robbie Amell to play Firestorm.

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As a big, long-time Batman fan, I’m particularly fascinated by two things going on in that family of comics at DC.

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Or – “Ronnie…  I Want To Tell You About The Matrix.” When DC relaunched Firestorm back in September, I wondered whether they would play to their older fanbase by relaunching Ronnie Raymond as the original Firestorm, or the somewhat more interesting Jason Rusch.  Given the issues surrounding Ryan Choi’s exit, I didn’t want to see Jason clumsily sidelines, so I was pleasantly surprised when they chose to revive BOTH ‘Storms in the New 52.  Is there still joy in Firestorm-ville a year later?  Your Major Spoilers review awaits!

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This was mentioned a while ago, but DC confirmed today that Gail Simone will not be writing Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man after her sixth issue.

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Or – “Most People Forget About His First Series…” For those keeping track, Firestorm dates back to 1978, and DC’s disastrous expansion of their publishing line right at the point where a combination of recession, paper shortages and nationwide storms made it even LESS profitable to be in the business of distributing paper pamphlets.  He’s been revamped, relaunched, murdered at least once, merged, rebuilt and redefined so many times since then that this first issue can’t HELP but be a step in the right direction, even if it’s another Grifter.  Given the creative pedigree involved, though, it would be 2/3

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It’s not going to be hard for DC Comics to release 52 new number one issues in September when the company relaunches its entire superhero line.  In fact, DC just released the first batch of number one titles that will be hitting the stands come Relaunch Day.

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Take one bored writer, access to the Intardwebz, and a up and coming comic book series, throw it in a pot and set it to boil, and you wind up with The Comic Casting Couch – a look at who Stacy B. would cast in his imaginary movie.  This time out – Firestorm: The Nuclear Man. Plot: Dr. Martin Stein, a scientist in the employee of the Hewitt Corporation, has developed a matter/conversion machine using a revolutionary power source he calls the Firestorm Matrix. The night before the big press conference to unveil his creation, his laboratory is attacked by

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