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Final Crisis – Revelations

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Or – “Wasn’t There Another Reviewer At Major Spoilers?  Some Old Dude?” It’s a little known fact that the month of December contains space-time anomalies that keep you from ever completing anything on time.  Add to that a new paradigm at my office, wherein my team load has doubled and my patience halved, a tendency to want to spend time with my friends around the holidays, a scanner that works about half the time and my recent birthday, and I admit it…  I may have been neglecting my reviews.  Still, t’is nobler in the mind to beg forgiveness than it

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Or – “Three Weeks Of Comics In Handy Bite-Sized Servings!” A side-effect of reading as many comics as I do comes when, after a particulary heavy week of reads, you find all the stories kind of blurring together into one.  It makes for some pretty entertaining nightmares as well, like the one where Wonder Woman was guarding the galaxy against marauding zombies who wanted to shape-shift into teenagers and make out while simultaneously refitting all of our cars to fly and emit fire, and also giving our grandparents cyborg limbs that glow in the dark.  So, I got that going

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