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Last week, The Last Mortal #2 hit comics book stores from from Top Cow. The series documents the life of small-time hoodlum Alec King who botches a hit, and it costs him the life of his best friend. In an effort to end things once and for all, Alex attempts to commit suicide, but after the gun goes off he discovers he has been given the “gift” of immortality. The series is an extremely gritty crime-noir tale that brings to mind some of the genres best including David Lapham’s Stray Bullets and Brian Michael Bendis’ Jinx. caught up with

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The Top Cow Productions/Marvel Comics crossover comic Fusion arrives this week, and Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik is going to promote the event by signing copies at Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka, CA. From the press release: The publisher is teaming with the popular Los Angeles area retailer to hand sell copies of the three issue limited series directly to fans. Beginning at 11am on Wednesday, May 13th, Sablik will act as a regular sales associate, ringing up customers, making recommendations, and following store owner Edward Greenberg’s every order. Additionally, the publisher will offer portfolio reviews to aspiring artists visiting the

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