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The life of a magician may not be the most lucrative, but it makes for some good TV, especially when people start getting possessed…  Your Major Spoilers review of Charismagic #2 awaits!

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Major Spoilers Staff Picks
FeatureFeaturedMajor SpoilersStaff Picks

IT’S NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! #NCBD The best day of the week just got a lot better with a new round of awesome comics arriving in stores this week. Staff members at Major Spoilers are here to help you with your comic book selection this week, with their roundup of comics they recommend.

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Major Spoilers Podcast #770 Tomb Raider Season of the Witch Gail Simone
Dark Horse ComicsFeaturedGail SimoneMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcastTomb Raider

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: With Tomb Raider arriving in theaters, we take a look at Tomb Raider: Season of the Witch. Plus, Athena Voltaire and the Sorcerer Pope #2, Bonehead #3, Nailed It on Netflix, and Mage: The Hero Denied #7.

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DCFeaturedGeek History lessonGreen LanternPodcast

 Hal Jordan has been called by many “the greatest Green Lantern of all time.” Let’s travel to Oa and learn his Green Lantern comics history.

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Justice League #40 Review
DCFeaturedJustice LeagueJustice League of AmericaReview

Leagues collide, and sides are taken!  Will Batman’s quirky Justice League Of America be able to hold up to the sheer power of the big guns in Superman’s Justice League? 

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Avengers #683 Review
AvengersFeaturedJim ZubMark WaidMarvelReview

What secrets lie in the memories of Edwin Jarvis, the living repository of Avengers history?  Your Major Spoilers review of Avengers #683 awaits!

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Comics PortalcomixologyDigital ComicsFeaturedOpinion

It’s probably no secret by now that both ComiXology and Marvel have begun their own “unlimited” digital comics services, each adding new books on a regular basis. Granted, ComiXology has comics from several companies, and it’s no surprise to anyone that the House of Ideas offers their own products. They are, however, working together on some levels. I’m conflicted when it comes to these services. Let me tell you why.

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Munchkin Land
FeaturedGamingMajor SpoilersMunchkin LandPodcastSteve Jackson GamesVideo

Dr. Brad Will stopped by with a new game that has just arrived. Join us as we unbox Dusk City Outlaws.

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Ambush BugDCFeaturedRetro ReviewReview

Are you ready to read one of the finest bits of inspired folderal and nonsense ever to emit from the hallowed halls of DC Comics, Inc?  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Ambush Bug #3 awaits!

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Boom StudiosFeaturedReview

The Sharg War continues apace, and things are starting to look bad for Earth.  Can Stanford and the other Sky Corps Cadets turn the tide?  Your Major Spoilers review of Mech Cadet Yu #7 awaits!

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Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Caleb Thusat, Alter-Life, ZED, Jake, Katrina Kuntsmann, Kickstarter, Wizard World Chicago, Indie, comic, self-publish
FeaturedInterviewsPodcastWayne's Comics Podcast

Creator Caleb Thusat is back, and he’s talking about wrapping up his very first Alter-Life storyline!

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FeaturedSneak Peek

Geek glam clothing line Her Universe has teamed up with popular Japanese book shoppe Kinokuniya USA and Toto Concept 90 in San Francisco, California to launch their Studio Ghibli Pop Up Shop. It is open to the public from February 24 – March 18 and Major Spoiler’s own Ashley Victoria Robinson had an opportunity to attend the media sneak peek. Her Universe was started by Star Wars: The Clone Wars voice actor Ashley Eckstein with the tagline: “FASHION FOR FANGIRLS. Her Universe is a groundbreaking fangirl fashion company and lifestyle brand founded by actress and entrepreneur Ashley Eckstein, whose mission is to create stylish, fashion-forward

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Poison Ivy has taken over the world.  But…  is that really such a bad thing after all?  Your Major Spoilers review of Batman #42 awaits!

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Critical HitDungeons And DragonsFeaturedGamingMajor SpoilersPodcastwizards of the coast

In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: Demons are righting, and it appears as though this is all Klaus’ fault.

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