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Review Young Justice #11 Review
Young Justice #11 Review 6.7

Finally home, the Young Justice team finds out that their troubles aren’t over yet.  Your Major Spoilers review of Young Justice #11 from DC Comics awaits!

Review Star Trek: Year Five #8 Review
Star Trek: Year Five #8 Review 7.7

The Tholian Web is closing on the Enterprise, and Kirk has only minutes to save his ship and crew.  Your Major Spoilers review of Star Trek: Year Five #8 from IDW Publishing awaits!

Review The Butcher of Paris #1
The Butcher of Paris #1 Review 7.7

All is dark in the City of Lights.  In 1944, Paris groans under German occupation.  Residents, especially French Jews, live in fear of a knock on the door in the dead of night.  But it isn’t only the Nazi occupiers the citizens have grown to fear.  For while the jackboots of Nazism stride the streets of Paris during the day, at night, a lone fiend has been killing and killing and killing.  Who is he and will he be caught?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of The Butcher of Paris #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

Comics Portal
COMICS PORTAL: ‘Crisis’ Fever

As I’m writing this, I’ve just completed watching the first episode of The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event as well as the initial Aftermath show. Being a DC fan, I loved a lot of what I saw, and am grieving for the loss at the end of that first hour. This made me reflect on how DC handled things pre-event, and what they might have done better. And I dreamed a little bit about what could be.

Review Lois Lane #6 Review
Lois Lane #6 Review 9.3

Lois Lane is not a superhero. But she may as well be, given her ability to navigate through tremendous difficulties in a superheroic world. Take the jump for our review of Lois Lane #6 from DC Comics.

Review Everything #4 Review
Everything #4 Review 8.0

Everything has made life much happier for Holland, except for a very few people. But will they live long enough to find out why they’re miserable? Find out in Everything #4 from Dark Horse Comics.

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