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FeaturedGamingMajor SpoilersMunchkin LandPodcastSteve Jackson Games

This week, Stephen sees the light when it comes to sleeving his Arkham Horror cards.

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Dueling Review PodcastDynamite EntertainmentFeaturedJames BondMajor SpoilersPodcastReview

Double-O Podcasters, Stephen and Matthew, take a look at James Bond: Service Special in this week’s Dueling Review. Will it be shaken, or stirred?

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We all know that you can stop into any Hot Topic, Spencer’s or even an athletic store and get yourself a cool Batman shirt. With geek culture on the rise there are more and more small businesses getting in on this zeitgeist shift. That in mind, every month it is my goal to feature independent artisans who create unique geeky items based around a specific theme. With the added bonus this month of being potential graduation gifts! Chic Geek for this month is all about cool Guardians of the Galaxy swag in honour of the latest installation in the Marvel

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Another day, another mysterious murder in Gotham City… But where Batman hesitates to tread, Mother Panic charges indiscriminately…  Your Major Spoilers review of Mother Panic #7 awaits!

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DCFeaturedJustice League of AmericaReview

With The Extremists finally defeated, the League prepares to become a real team, but a minor villain and a major romance may bet in the way…  Your Major Spoilers review of Justice League Of America #7 awaits!

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Major Spoilers Staff Picks
FeatureFeaturedMajor SpoilersStaff Picks

IT’S NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! #NCBD The best day of the week just got a lot better with a new round of awesome comics arriving in stores this week. Staff members at Major Spoilers are here to help you with your comic book selection this week, with their roundup of comics they recommend.

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FeaturedMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcastReview

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: It’s time to make another trip to the Amalgam Universe. We also review Destroyer #1, The Wicked + The Divine: 455 AD #1, Animal Jam, and the most recent episode of Doctor Who. Plus which Roger Moore Bond film is the best Roger Moore Bond film?

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FeaturedGeek History lessonPodcast

Baywatch is the show that would never die in the 90s! So let’s dig deep into the slow motion before the movie hits with Nick Mundy –

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The Flash #22 Review

Batman and The Flash have been investigating the mysterious button found in the Batcave, and things have gotten complicated.  And who’s the man in the silver helmet, again?  Your Major Spoilers review of The Flash #22 awaits!

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Luke Cage #1 Review
FeaturedLuke CageMarvelReview

People come to Luke Cage with their problems…  Fortunately, the Hero for Hire is super-strong, bulletproof and the kind of man who’ll help you with your problems.  Your Major Spoilers review of Luke Cage #1 awaits!

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AfterShock ComicsFeaturedReview

You’ve got to admit it – zombies are still HOT, no matter what time period they’re found in. Take, for example, Pestilence #1 from AfterShock Comics. It examines the zombie phenomenon from the perspective of an era of faith rather than one of modern-day science.

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LEGO Captain America Jet Purshit
Captain AmericaFeatureFeaturedLegoMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoMarvelMs MarvelReviewToysVideo

LEGO has silently been introducing some really cool characters into its LEGO Marvel Superheroes line. This week, Ms. Marvel makes her LEGO debut in the Captain America Jet Pursuit set.

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Black LightningComics PortalDCFeaturedOpinionTelevision

Like The Ray, Black Lightning is a big step forward for The CW. It’s a mid-season replacement that I’m really looking forward to.

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Captain AmericaFeaturedMarvelRetro ReviewReview

Time for a peek behind the scenes of the creative process here in Retro Review corner:  Sometimes, I work from a detailed spreadsheet cross-referencing comics eras, publishers, genres, important character appearances and milestones, carefully collated after years of collecting and archiving back issues, selecting each book carefully based on it’s relevance, quality and historical importance… Sometimes, Stephen says “Hey, what’s the deal with these weird guys I just read about in Secret Empire?”  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Captain America #163 awaits!

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