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Critical Hit
3D Printed Game Pawns

Ever needed a band of monsters for your table top RPG, but didn’t want to confuse your players with lookalike figures? Stephen 3D prints a numeric pawns to keep your game moving forward.

Inside Astro City #19 with Kurt Busiek

This is a spoiler-filled column, so if you have not yet read the issue you might want to come back later. You can find the issue at your local comic book shop or you can download it from Comixology here. 

Top Ten Stories You Missed While the Site was Down

In case you didn’t notice, the website was down for the last two weeks thanks to a massive attack on our servers, which forced us to move to a new hosting provider that can better handle such Internet problems. The last two weeks were also filled with major news in the comic book, movie, and pop culture industries – when it rains, it pours.  Instead of ignoring those important stories, and acting like the last two weeks didn’t happen, the staff at Major Spoilers has compiled a list of the top ten stories we missed while the site was down.

FLASHBACK: The Flash is Born (S1E6)

This week we get the origin of the Flash’s name, and in the process, we get a look at the Golden Age Flash. Didn’t catch it in this week’s episode of The Flash? Good thing Major Spoilers has a Flashback to refresh your memory.

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