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Journey Question, the popular online fantasy/comedy adventure series is ready for season 3. The only thing holding the creators back is the budget, and they’ve gone to Kickstarter to raise the funds.

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When Deadpool arrives in theaters next month, fans are going to get their first look at an R-rated mainstream comic book movie. There has been a petition for a PG-13 version, which makes no sense, so for those who want to see something more kid friendly, here’s an animated trailer.

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Who doesn’t love a well produced fan film? As long as it isn’t making money, the publishers turn a blind eye, which means we can get some of the craziest crossovers ever made. Take, for example, Ash vs Lobo and the DC Dead, which bits everyone’s favorite Deadite killer, Ashley Williams, taking on…. Lobo and the DC Dead… duh, it’s right there in the title.

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Youtuber Anthony Marchiando has recut the trailer for the upcoming Deadpool moving in the style of the romance movies that Ryan Reynolds spent so much of the early 2000s acting in. This Deadpool trailer is cut together from Wade’s pre-transformation scenes. While Deadpool is not only going to be tonally very different from what is sure to hit cinemas, it also feels like the most appropriate movie to cut such a trailer together from. Deadpool hit theaters everywhere on Friday, February 12th.

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In the world of celebrity animal Manny the French is definitely up there, with more than 21,000 on twitter alone, and his latest video features Manny moonlight as the Arrow of Star City. The amazing @amellywood and @EmilyBett inspired this video. It would be a dream if they see this and RT! #Arrow — Manny The Frenchie (@FrenchieManny) January 11, 2016 While the tribute is definitely goofy and fun, it is sure to delight Arrow fans all over. Arrow returns to the CW on January 20th at 7/8pm.

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The Red Shirt Diaries twenty-eighth episode airs today and it’s a fan favourite: The City on the Edge of Forever. The Guardian of Forever drags Ensign Williams through alternate realities! Spoilerites will recognize some familiar faces and voices in this episode: Ensign Williams – Ashley Victoria Robinson Lieutenant Smith – Tiffany Smith Captain Mantz – Scott Mantz Guardian of Forever (voice) – Michael Gaines Captain Kirk / Commander Riker – Jason Inman You can find the everything you need to know about The Red Shirt Diaries at [signoff predefined=”PayPal Donation”][/signoff]

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This is a weird week to be a fan film creator. With the Paramount/CBS lawsuit against the Axanar fan movie, everyone has to be walking on eggshells hoping your project doesn’t set anyone off. Joel Furtado has to be looking over his shoulder now that he has released X-Men: Danger Room, a trailer for a bi-weekly animated fan film series.

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This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: Star Trek Fan Films, Archie #5, Obi-Wan and Anikin #1, Rat Queens #14, and a discussion of The Woods Volume 1. Comic Bento is the original graphic novel subscription box! Each Comic Bento contains at least $50 worth of surprise graphic novels from both the biggest creators in comics and the unsung indie heroes. Plans start as low as $17.50 a month, plus shipping & handling, and brings you a new theme each month with new graphic novels to go along with it. Head on over to to check out pricing, unboxing

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The Red Shirt Diaries twenty-seventh episode airs today inspired by the classic episode: The Alternative Factor. Ensign Williams blips into the anti-matter universe and meets the Anti-Williams! 2 ENSIGN WILLIAMSES?! How could it be? Spoilerites will recognize some familiar faces and voices in this episode: Ensign Williams – Ashley Victoria Robinson Anti-Williams – Ashley Victoria Robinson You can find the everything you need to know about The Red Shirt Diaries at      

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With DC announcing that fan campaigns do have an impact on what they release, one has to wonder if fan demand generated by fan films would have the same effect on the House of Ideas. Allegra Town Studio has released a quick animated clip of Spider-Gwen in action.

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The Red Shirt Diaries’ twenty-fourth episode airs today and it is based on: Errand of Mercy.

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The Red Shirt Diaries twenty-five episode airs today and it is based on the classic: The Devil in the Dark. Scotty and Lieutenant Mundy need to collect spare parts from Ensign Williams quarters to save the day!

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Animfantastic has put out a Star Wars/Rio Bravo parody music video on their youtube channel titled My Blaster, My Wookiee and Me to coincide with the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In honor of the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, Animfantastic is proud to present “My Blaster, My Wookiee, and Me”. In the 1959 Western “Rio Bravo”, co-stars Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson sang a mighty pretty tune called “My Rifle, My Pony, and Me”. We here at Animfantastic couldn’t help but imagine what that song might sound like on a desert planet in a galaxy far, far away… Directed

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What happens when two Disney properties clash? Check out this fan film featuring Jedi Elsa and Anna vs. Darth Hans.

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