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Or – “Continuing The Difficult Task Of Rebuilding A Sympathetic Anthony Stark…” When Captain America #26 came out back in May, I complained about the fact that the story referenced the wonderful words that Sam Wilson (The Falcon, pictured above in his swingin’ 70’s green and gold original costume, complete with extra-groovy bird of prey medallion) said at Captain America’s funeral without actually telling us what those words were. Some have argued (Tom Grice among them) that this makes the moment more poignant by letting us all write our own eulogies, but part of me felt that it was short-changing

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Or – “How To Really Over-Think Both The Title And The Concept.” I don’t think there’s any question that Marvel intends for us to be morally bothered by the actions of Iron Man during and after the Civil War. Even with Joey Da Q’s constant reiteration of the mantra that “in the real world we’d want these people to be licensed and trained,” (an argument which is irrelevant, I might add) the actions of Iron Man are beyond reprehensible. This issue only serves to underline the fact that Tony Stark has officially gone around the bend, and it’s just a

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