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Time to wrap up all the loose ends Trips across the country to attend conventions, moving to new digs, trips to the hospital, and the rush to get caught back up with Major Spoilers pale in comparison to the traveling around the universe, trips through time and the rush to try and wrap up 52 in a neat and tidy package. This week my 52 review returns just in the nick of time.

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52DCEmerald EyeEmerald Head of EkronLoboRalph DibnyReviewSupernova

The Great Stygian Passover Comes What the heck is the great Stygian Passover we’ve been hearing about for the last 30 weeks, and how could it destroy an entire sector in space? We learn the grisly details, and get a major clue into the identity of Supernova.

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52Adam StrangeAnimal ManDCEmerald EyeEmerald Head of EkronLoboReviewStarfireStealSupernova

Emerald Eye of Ekron Origin? Week 20 is about adventures in space, an appearance by Supernova, and Lex Luthor has the cure. Spoilerific report ahead and we even get to answer one of my wild speculations from last week.

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