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Elseworlds 80-Page Giant

Elseworlds 80-Page GiantMagnetic PressSneak Peek

Magnetic Press sent us a sneak peek of Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker #3 by Tom DeLonge and Ben Kull, with art by Djet.

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Or – “Did You Know That The Pound Is Worth Like A Buck Twenty Five?” The exchange rate can be a scary thing.  Some years ago, I went online to purchase a couple of comics at a price already far above what I would normally pay for single issues, without noticing that the price listing was in Great Britain Pounds.  (Apparently, money is heavier in the U.K.)  As such, I ended up breaking my unofficial ‘don’t pay more than $100 bucks for one comic book’ rule twice in the same day, and ending up in the doghouse with the missus. 

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