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Or – “A Retro Review First!” I’ve done a lot of reviews in the past 7 years with Major Spoilers, many of them have been notable for reasons big and small.  Some were awful, some sublime, and others were simply inexplicable, but this is the first time, to my memory, that we have reviewed THE ENTIRE OUTPUT of a publishing house in one swell foop.  Add in the earliest work by one of the most respected creators of the day AND a first appearance of some characters near and dear to the hearts of many collectors, and we’ve got ourselves

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Or – “Life In The Fast Lane?  No, Life In The ONCOMING Lane.” Waaay back before Fables, Bill Willingham was part of the independent comics boom of the 1980s with The Elementals, a seminal comic that presaged nearly all of the trends of modern comic book storytelling.  The concept of superhuman-as-celebrity is one that gets a lot of play these days, but Willingham was one of the first to examine it.  Your Major Spoilers Retro Review awaits!

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Or – “Named For The Roman God Martius, God Of War…”   Not to be confused with famed Martian general Marvin, whose computers are so complex and naughty… Traditionally, this month has signaled the beginning of the season of military campaigns, and also the time when college basketball generals lead their troops unto the field of battle. For me, working in small-market TV for as long as I did, it’s a month which signals mighty pains in the butt, which explains why this is technically the FEBRUARY edition of RFR. We apologize for the inconvenience… Better to just press on.

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