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OPINION: When to Cast Kevin Conroy

My good friend, boss, and racquetball partner, Stephen Schleicher is a big fan of the Animated Universe that spiraled out of the Batman Animated Series. Specifically, he affirms that Kevin Conroy is the best Batman voice actor ever. And I tend to agree. So what’s the problem, you ask? I believe there are times when you should NOT use the best man for the job.

OPINION: We Don’t Need Original Ideas!

This summer, the comics world has been abuzz with the news of Marvel NOW!, a change that is reputedly not-a-relaunch of their comics line, which Marvel swears bears no resemblance to DC’s New 52 not-a-relaunch of 2011.  Internet voices have already begun complaining, sight unseen, that this move is just another case of following the leader, and that the final nail has been struck into the coffin of Originality.  It is worth remembering that a wise someone (the internet is torn on whether it was Heraclitus, Mark Twain, Eleanor Roosevelt or Dick Van Patten) once opined that there is no…

OPINION: Do we really need THREE Hobbit movies?

It started out as a rumor – Peter Jackson had so much B-roll from shooting the two Hobbit films, that he was considering creating a trilogy. Jackson denied it, and the studios backing the project shot down the talk left and right. Then, right after the San Diego Comic Con, a third Hobbit movie was announced, new contracts were signed, and fans are left wondering, “Do we really need THREE Hobbit movies?” Short answer, “Yes.”

OPINION: Marvel Comics Needs To Reboot!

In 2011, DC Comics took an enormous risk, restarting their entire comic book universe, and relaunching ALL their properties with a whole new, streamlined continuity.  In 2012, Marvel Comics announced their ‘Marvel NOW!’ initiative, the details of which seem to indicate that Marvel is making some changes but not going back to the drawing board for a full-scale reboot.  The reality is, after 50+ years of interconnected stories, the Marvel Universe desperately NEEDS a fresh start…

OPINION: Of Vigilantes and Villains

Who came first, the hero or the villain? The question came into the general public’s awareness in 1989, when Batman and the Joker shared the exchange during a pivotal moment in the Batman film. While many will ponder in message boards and on soap boxes, a real world example may have finally answered that question.

EDITORIAL: Celebrating the Good Times to Come

This week, Major Spoilers turned six years old! As Major Spoilers celebrates its sixth year as a source for pop culture and comic book information, I sit back and look at where we were, and though it should be a happy time, I find myself so very frustrated.

OPINION: You Are Not a True Geek

Recently we have seen some controversy with people claiming the “geek” title for themselves, and the backlash it causes when other people feel they don’t deserve it. This issue is more complex than you may think, but there’s a very simple and basic issue at its core. We all like to feel special. (Oh, real quick though, there’s a spoiler for watchmen in this article… I know it’s weird, but I kind of need it for the wrap. So if you’ve already read watchmen or you reeealy want to read this article then read on)

DC RELAUNCH: Six canceled titles had it coming?

With the announcement that DC Comics is canceling six of their New 52 titles to make way for six new titles, one has to wonder if the writing was on the wall, since the beginning, and what approach the company might take going forward?

Dungeons And Dragons
OPINION: Community Involvement in D&D 5th Edition

Wizards of the Coast is starting the new year with a bang, not only are previews for Dark Ascension up, they have officially announced that a new edition of Dungeons and Dragons is on the Horizon. Not only that, but they are saying that the consumers will be much more involved with the product, attempting to “…build a set of D&D rules that incorporate the wants and desires of D&D gamers around the world.” But what does that mean for you?

OPINION: Marvel publishing moves may signal something better – Part 1

If you’ve been following the comic and pop culture blogosphere over the last couple of days, you may have seen a flurry of activity about the news that Marvel has cancelled X-23. While a lot of electrons have sacrificed themselves with people talking about Wolverine’s daughter, there are a number of other books that aren’t coming back as well.  But is this the news that signals the beginning of the end of Marvel, or is it news that signals the beginning of something better?

OPINION: M:tG Welcome to Modern

The announcement of Modern as a format for the Community Cup sent quite the buzz through the Magic community. Presumably due to the success of the format in the Cup and the vastly positive buzz formed around it not only allowed them to turn it into a legal format, but update the next Pro Tour(PT Philadelphia) from Extended to Modern. For the most part this change has been happily accepted by the general masses, however, there are a few squabbles that have come up.

MAJOR SPOILERS CLASSIFIED: Case File #0001 – The Franklin Richards Paradox

Or – “Comic-Book Time: Explained.” The Marvel Universe as we know it (barring a few retcons and absorptions of existing properties such as Captain America) can be seen to have begun with the first issue of the Fantastic Four.  For the first few years, it seemed that the stories were happening in ‘real time,’ but slowly, time in the Marvel Universe began to change, to stretch and flow and even reverse itself a time or two.  Many a comics fan has remarked at one time or another how difficult it is to resolve the sheer number of happenings with the…