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[Editorial] Jessica Jones & Supergirl: Apples & Oranges

What a great world we live in! Both Marvel and DC have television shows out right now led by female characters and supported by African American men. This is a much needed strike for diversity in the ever changing landscape of contemporary media. That’s probably a cliche phrase that seems obvious to the reader, but I want to start this editorial off with a positive. HOW COOL IS THAT? I watch both Jessica Jones and Supergirl. I’ve reviewed them both. Both shows have incredible good things about them and both shows have some things that aren’t necessarily to…

[Editorial] Geronimo! Jumping On with the Eleventh Doctor #DoctorWhoDay

I am Canadian. A lot of Canadian culture is tied up in English culture and the media or customs that we, as a country, have retained from our commonwealth roots. As such, the contemporary Doctor Who phenomenon (which is to say, following the 2005 reboot), hit Canada in a big bad way earlier than it hit the United States (where I live now). Throughout my high school and early university career I had friends extoll the virtues of Doctor Who to me, I even saw a few episodes most notably The End of the World, and remained thoroughly unconvinced that…

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[SDCC’15] Reflections of a First-Timer

This year was my first year attending San Diego Comic-Con. Evidently, it was much to the shock of everyone I know, but that’s probably just because I live in Los Angeles which, all things considered, is pretty close to the action. I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy myself. If you are not one for crowds or strangers, San Diego Comic-Con is probably not the place for you. Being on the shorter side of the spectrum, I got many poster tubes in the face, elbows in the chest (doubly bad as a female), and scooters driven over my feet just because…

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COMICS PORTAL: Rise of the Unified Universes

As reported here at, The CW renewed several shows over the weekend, including the two based on DC Comics characters, The Flash and Arrow. We also heard that the crossover between the two shows will become a yearly event, much like the “Crisis on … Earths” stories were between the JLA and the JSA back in the day. There’s an animated show to be based in the Arrow-verse on the horizon as well, focusing on Vixen, the animal-powered heroine in the DCU.

Wonder Woman: Why I Wouldn’t Wonder #WonderWomanWeek

All girls like Wonder Woman. It’s practically an adage in the comic book community. Well, I’m a woman who had zero interest in Wonder Woman, Diana Prince or whatever else you wanted to call her until a few short weeks ago. Let me explain to you why I wouldn’t wonder and where my conversion lies.


This week heralds the beginning of the already-infamous Lady Thor story arch written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Russel Dauterman. I’m a lady, I read the issue first thing this morning and I have some opinions about it. First off, let’s go over the biases: I’m not a regular Thor reader, but I have a working knowledge of the characters, settings and recent events in the run and I thought the idea of Lady Thor was pandering. I feared that this issue, helmed by two male creators, could read as condescending and heavy-handed, rather than presented as an interesting…

Top 5 Comics Warner Bros. Needs to Develop for Movies

With DC and Warner Brothers pushing to develop their cinematic universe in a similar, but totally unique way from Marvel Studios, a lot of titles have been scheduled to take to the silver screen in upcoming years. However, taking a step away from Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, DC Comics has several astounding properties that absolutely deserve to make it to the screen in their own right. I now humbly present you with my Top Five Comic Properties Warner Bros. Needs to Develop for Movies:   5. Jeff Lemire’s Earth One Teen Titans Teen Titans just had a pilot ordered…

Top 5 Star Trek Women

From it’s inception the Star Trek franchise has always had a focus on representation (at least of the human race), with characters written in the spirit of working togehter toward the greater good to build the brightest possible future in the darkness of space. Starfleet is a “peacekeeping armada” with a slough of amazing female characters. Here are my top five from any and all official canon Star Trek casts. #5. The Borg Queen Played by: Alice Krige, Susanna Thompson Which series you know her from: Star Trek: First Contact, Voyager The Borg Queen is hands down one of the…

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