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Vampirella Valentine’s Day Special Review 9.0

Most of us have had to deal with it, a Valentine’s Day ruined because of some, figuratively, bloodsucking ex. But did you ever wonder how a real bloodsucker spends Valentine’s Day? Let’s find out in the VAMPIRELLA VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL, on shelves now from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review Red Sonja #1 Review
Red Sonja #1 Review 7.7

Sonja, once a follower of the War Master Domo of Khitai, now serves a fallen master. Khitai has fallen, and Red Sonja has returned to her homeland of Hyrkania. What awaits her in the land of her birth? Knowing Red Sonja, blood will fall, regardless. RED SONJA #1 is out from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review Project Superpowers #6 Review
Project Superpowers #6 Review 8.0

It’s the final showdown with P:Andora! He’s already killed heroes and seems invincible. Can Project Superpowers pull together and stop him before he destroys the world?

Review Robots vs. Princesses #4
Robots vs. Princesses #4 Review 7.3

It’s all about friends – now that the princesses have Ultimus and the Centurions on their side, and Wheeler, and mecha-suits of their own, can they finally take on Tyrannis?

Review The Shape of Elvira #1 Review
The Shape of Elvira #1 Review 5.3

Elvira, the self-proclaimed Mistress of the Dark, is a woman with a lot of side-hustle in her bustle and her current gig is no exception. It’s an opportunity to star in a film, work with a legend in the film industry, and possibly make a lot of money. Yeah, I think she would be interested, who does she have to kill? Let’s find out in THE SHAPE OF ELVIRA #1 from Dynamite Entertainment

Review Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #1
Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #1 Review 7.0

Peter Cannon is… THUNDERBOLT!  The Earth is being invaded! A city destroyed! The greatest heroes the world has known turn to the one man who can help save them, but the question is, does Peter Cannon think this world is worth saving?

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