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Dark Horse Comics
Dueling Review – Ghost #1

Way back in the long ago, Dark Horse Comics launched Comics’ Greatest World! One of the characters introduced in that event what Elisa Cameron a.k.a. Ghost. The character has popped up again and again, and this week, Ghost pops up one more time.

Dueling Review Justice League 3000 #1

In the not to distant future… next Sunday A.D. there were two guys named Stephen and Matthew, who reviewed a comic and you’ll want to hear them talk about it in depth because this is Dueling Reviews, and the book this week is Justice League 3000! (Stinger)*

Dueling Review: Day of the Doctor

You’ve had your chance to watch Day of the Doctor (or if you haven’t, why not?), and it is time for Matthew and Stephen to go into so very spoilery territory as they discuss the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who, “The Day of the Doctor.”

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