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ComicBase has a great application to help you keep track of all your comics. DrawerBoxes are a great way to keep your collection organized and at your fingertips. It makes perfect sense for ComicBase to use DrawerBoxes to organize their massive collection. And I thought I had a large collection! I’m truly impressed. You can read the reviews of ComicBase Express by clicking here, and my review of DrawerBoxes by clicking here.

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Drawer BoxesReviewRobin

Damn! Before last year, storing my immense collection of comics each month meant digging 30 boxes out of the closet, arranging them in an organized manner, adding new issues to their appropriate bin, then restacking all of the boxes back up again. This was a back breaking endeavor that I dreaded each and every month. But then I discovered a small booth at San Diego Comic Con 2005 that changed how my comics are organized.

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