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Welcome to Earth 2, a new universe where old Golden Age heroes are revamped for the modern era. Over the past ten issues, DC Comics has gradually reintroduced classic heroes and villains into this universe. Without Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman to look after them, these superheroes have branched out on their own. However, with the return of Steppenwolf, do they have the strength to take on Apokolips?

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DCDr. Fate

DC Comics has cancelled orders for the first two issues of Doctor Fate. The company says the issues will be resolicited later, but it brings into question what exactly is going on at the company. While it is able to deliver a weekly series with nary a problem, other titles continually miss target dates. While Marvel received a mountain of criticism over the delays with Civil War, readers don’t seem as upset with DC. What are your thoughts?

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52Booster GoldDCDr. FateElongated ManRalph DibnyReviewShadowpact

The House of Mystery Mystery A locked door, a dead detective, and Dr. Fate’s helmet. The solution to this mystery can only be solved by a great detective. Batman’s out of the country, so the next best on the list is Ralph Dibny.

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