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Infamous Iron Man #11 Review
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Victor Von Doom’s mother has returned from death, only to reveal that she’s not alone.  Can the new Iron Man overcome his hatred of his oldest frenemy?  Your Major Spoilers review of Infamous Iron Man #11 awaits!

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Marvel sent Major Spoilers a teaser image for the upcoming Victor Von Doom mini-series that will be written by Nick Spencer with art by Becky Cloonan.

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I’ve been impressed with Kotobukiya’s line of fine art statues, and while I haven’t purchased any as of yet, this sneak peek of the upcoming Doctor Doom statue, might just convince me. Designed and sculpted by our  KREATIVE 3 team DR. DOOM is the 2nd in our Villain Series Fine Art Statue… stay tuned for further updates… Painted sneaks of our masked dictator will be posted shortly. via Kotobukiya

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Because people get grumpy if I don’t give equal time to  both sides. You can show your support for Doom, by picking up a t-shirt.

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