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Batman and Bill

Many hardcore Batman fans know that Bill Finger created the dark knight even though Bob Kane is given sole credit. Now, Don Argott and Sheena Joyce bring us “Batman and Bill”, a Hulu original documentary that focuses on the fight to win credit for the late Bill Finger.

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Lossless Creative has posted a new documentary short that looks at the real-life Batman. At first it seems like a mockumentary until you realize, Batman actually believes what he is doing.

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Slender Man was created as part of an Internet challenge, and has quickly grown to become one of the scariest modern horror stories. HBO has a new documentary about Slender Man coming in January, but until the day arrives, check out this trailer.

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comic conventionDocumentaryMoviessan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCC

Vinatage Tomorrows, a documentary about the Steampunk movement, will have its world premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, July 11th.

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Action FiguresDocumentaryVideo

Even a brief look at the online auction sites will yield a plethora of bootleg action figures. Film director Joe Garfield spent an afternoon with The Sucklord to examine this world.

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Back To The FutureDocumentaryMoviesTrailer

With the entire Internet freaking out that we have finally reached to the year Back to the Future 2 takes place, it’s a perfect time to release a documentary based on the franchise.

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BlizzardDocumentaryMoviesVideoWorld of Warcraft

Blizzard has released the full Looking for Group documentary that debuted at Blizzcon this past weekend. For those who are into World of Warcraft, this is an interesting documentary. Be on the lookout for Frogpants founder Scott Johnson and other recognizable faces in the feature.

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Here’s a little documentary about the Comic Book Heaven shop in Queens New York that closed last year.  I thought it was an interesting look at comic shops, owners, and the reasons for closing.

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