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GASP! DOCTOR DOOM IS THE INFAMOUS IRON MAN!? HOW CAN THIS BE!? Marvel sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Infamous Iron Man #1, that may give you the answer…

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It’s long been said that what makes good movies are the bad guys. If that person is not challenging the main character of the film, then it’s dull as dishwater. If he or she is, then we often feel for the “good guy” of the film, want that person to win! I think comics have that same element to them. When the villain rises up and we worry that the hero or heroine will not be victorious, we’re anxious to turn the page and see what happens next. Our perception of villains has changed over the years. We used to

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Nope, it didn’t end.  Secret Wars #6 has finally arrived but was it worth the wait?  What is Thanos going to do at The Shield?  Where does God Doom’s power come from?  These answers and more in the Major Spoilers review of Secret Wars #6!

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Among the minor questions that plague comic book fans (after “Who’d win in a fight between X and Y?” and inappropriate queries about heroies’ romantic lives) comes in the expectation of what lies beneath Victor Von Doom’s steely mask.  Some (including Jack Kirby) favored the notion that a tiny scar caused perfectionist Doom’s rage against the various machines.  Others (including Stan Lee, based my readings) implied that Doom’s  face was terribly scarred in his college accident  John Byrne seemed to imply both back in the 80’s, with Doom preparing the mask because of a small imperfection, but suffering horrific burns

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Marvel sent Major Spoilers a teaser image for the upcoming Victor Von Doom mini-series that will be written by Nick Spencer with art by Becky Cloonan.

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Or -“The Grand Experiment.” Marvel’s Graphic Novel series was designed to allow creators to tell stories that were too grown-up, too off-beat, or too out-of-universe for the regular titles.  Starting with ‘The Death of Captain Marvel,’ big-name creators were allowed to tell stories that otherwise might not have been told.  Though there are many strong tales in the range (She-Hulk, Revenge of The Living Monolith and The Death of Groo are all quite fun reads) arguably the crown jewel came when Marvel’s greatest villain finally got everything he had ever wanted…

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