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BloodRayneDigital WebbingDigital Webbing Solicitations

Digital Webbing has released the cover images and solicitation information for titles shipping in December 2007. BloodRayne: Automaton by Kevin Melrose, Andre Coelho Covers by Jeremy Roberts, Kody Chamberlain After the shocking revelations of RED BLOOD RUN, BloodRayne and a rag-tag group of Brimstone Society members set off in search of the mystical item that may save them from destruction. But two things stand in their way: a seemingly impenetrable tower … and the automaton.

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BloodRayneDigital WebbingDigital Webbing SolicitationsSolicitationsVampirellaZombies

If you are looking for something other than the big two for your comics, perhaps you should be checking out some of the smaller companies. Major Spoilers has the solicitation and cover images for Digital Webbing titles shipping in October and November 2007. BloodRayne: Red Blood Run #3 by Troy Wall, Mario Guevara, Juan Vlasco, Juanmar Covers by Mark A. Robinson (cover A shown) The mystery behind the Red Blood Run revealed at last! And it’s…older than ETERNITY?! Rayne must escape before becoming a reluctant pawn in their plot to recreate the world in their own nefarious image! Meanwhile, Michaelis

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