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ComiXology announces Breaklands

ComiXology introduces Breaklands, an all-new, creator owned mini-series from Justin Jordan, the co-creator and writer of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, acclaimed artist Tyasseta, and colorist Sarah Stern, with letters by Rachel Deering.

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COMICS PORTAL: Are Comics Ready for the Future?

The debate has been raging on for years now: What will comics be like in the years ahead, if they survive at all? When I come across someone, often an expert in another industry, who enters into comics and says they know how to “fix” what’s wrong with comic books, I’m worried these days. Several of them have poured boatloads of cash into these endeavors, and so far I haven’t noticed any change in how things are being done, honestly. But still contenders make their presence known and take their shots. Some are at it even now. THE NEW GUYS…

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