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Batman BeyondDCDiamond Select Toysstatues

As you build up your collection of comic book busts, be on the lookout this weekend as you head to the store, as the Diamond Select Toys Batman Beyond Bruce Wayne Resin Bust has arrived.

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Alien Covenant Vinyl Bank
AliensDiamond Select ToysMerchandiseToys

Diamond Select Toys has a new Alien Xenomorph Bank in stores this week that is based on the most recent Alien Covenant movie.

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Cthulhu Vinimates
CthulhuDiamond Select ToysMiniMatesToys

Diamond Select Toys has a new Cthulhu Vinimates figure hitting stores today.

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Captain AmericaDiamond Select Toysstatues

Didn’t get what you wanted for the holidays? Tomorrow is boxing day, and you might want to head to your LCS to grab one (or both, you deserve it) of these wonderful Marvel statues from Diamond Select Toys.

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Diamond Select ToysMarvelMiniMatesSpider-ManToys

Walgreens continues to be an exclusive destination for many Minimates series from Diamond Select Toys. Series 8 of Marvel’s Spider-Man are scheduled to arrive at the chain store in April 2018.

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Marvel Premier Collection Spider-Gwen Masked Resin Statue
Diamond Select ToysMarvelSpider-Gwenstatues

If you are looking for a Spider-Gwen statue to add to your vast Spider-Man line of statues, Diamond Select Toys has released a beautiful Spider-Gwen resin statue.

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DC Gallery Deluxe Batman TAS Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary PVC Diorama
BatmanDCDiamond Select ToysHarley Quinnstatues

Harley Quinn celebrated her 25th anniversary earlier this year, and Diamond Select Toys has released a new statue based on the Batman: The Animated Series design.

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Elektra Statue
Diamond Select ToysElektrastatues

Diamond Select Toys has released a new Elektra statue based on the character from the Marvel Netflix Daredevil series.

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Black PantherDiamond Select ToysMarvelToys

Diamond Select Toys has new Black Panther Minimates headed to stores in 2018, but you’ll have to scramble to collect them all.

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Nightwing Statue
Diamond Select ToysNightwingstatues

Diamond Select Toys has released a new Nightwing statue based on the Batman: New Adventures animated series.

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BatmanDCDiamond Select Toysstatues

Before you leave your LCS today, make sure you take a trip down the merch/statues aisle as Diamond Select Toys has released a new Batman: The Animated Series Penguin resin bust for collectors.

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Wonder Woman Justice League Animated Bust
Diamond Select ToysJustice LeaguestatuesWonder Woman

Diamond Select Toys has announced the upcoming release  of the Justice League Animated Wonder Woman Resin Bust that will look great sitting on the shelf next to your other JLA statues.

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Diamond Select ToysMarvelMiniMatesMoviesThorToys

Diamond Select Toys has announced a new wave of Thor: Ragnarok Minimates have arrives as exclusives at Walgreens and Toys R Us.

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DCDiamond Select ToysJustice LeagueMoviesWarner Bros.Wonder Woman

With the Justice League movie just around the corner, fans are starting to get excited about adorning their Nerd Room of Doom with figures, toys, and statues based on the movie. Fortunately, Diamond Select Toys has you covered ass the company announced the upcoming release of the DC Gallery Justice League Movie PVC Diorama collection.

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