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Diamond Comic Distributors
Top 300 Comics for November 2008

Diamond Comic Distributors has sent Major Spoilers the breakdown of the top 300 comics sold during November 2008.  Marvel once again leads all publishers by hanging on to 42.9% of the market.  DC takes the next largest slice of the pie with 34.52%, while Dark Horse and the rest of the publishers fight over the .36 – 4.84% of the remainder. [TABLE=21]

Diamond Comic Distributors
Top 300 Comics for October 2008

October was an interesting month for comics as the industry saw an increase in revenue of 9% over last year at this time.  At first it may appear to be due to larger sales, but when one examines the Top 50 books, 18 titles had a price point of $3.99, or roughly 36% of the books shipping for the month. The least expensive book was GI JOE: A New Beginning #0, which cost $1.00.  The most expensive was Gemstone’s Uncle Scrooge #380 with the high price of $7.99.  While there are a lot of $3.99 books, $2.99 still rules the…

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