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Devil’s Due announces Josh Blaylock’s Arkworld

This weekend at 2019’s AlienCon Dallas, Devil’s Due Comics publisher Josh Blaylock will unveil the official launch of ArkWorld, an ambitious series of 48-page comic books that fuses science fiction, fantasy, archaeology, and ancient — possibly alien-influenced — technology into an exciting new genre dubbed “archeopunk.”

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Delete #1 Review

I follow a lot of characters in comics, like Batman, for example. But I also follow a lot of creators as well. And three of the creators I enjoy keeping up with are Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner. This isn’t always easy because their excellent product often comes from a variety of different comics companies, such as what I refer to as the Harleyverse in DC and Super Zero from Aftershock Comics. This means I have to be on the lookout for their books as I examine upcoming books. A particularly good one  is Delete, which comes from…

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