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One of the Legion of Spoilerites attending the Armageddon Comic Con in New Zealand dropped us a quick note from one of the panels.  The attendee told us that Greg Rucka let slip that Dennis O’Neil would be working with him on the Blackest Night: The Question issue.  This news hasn’t been announced from DC yet, and the January solicitations don’t mention O’Neil anywhere in the issue info, so for now, we’ll say O’Neil is rumored to be working with Rucka until something more official is announced. Thanks for the head’s up Dan!

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When the Bat’s away… yada…yada…yada… Nightwing down?  Pizza Boy only hope for rescue?  Gordon and Bullock weepy over Batman?  Who is that girl in the tattered rags?  What the hell?  None of this makes sense from the previous issue…  Time to tune in for the latest installment of a world without Batman. (Cue organ music.)

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Apparently Batman is dead, but you’d never know it if you’ve been reading Detective Comics for the last year or so.  The plausible exit created by Paul Dini at the end of last issue, leads naturally to the events Denny O’Neil uses in Detective Comics #851.  Batman dead?  Unlikely, so why mourn the loss here?  Instead, O’Neil uses the time to tell a good Detective story.

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