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DCDeathstrokeSneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of Deathstroke #4 from DC Comics.

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DCDeathstrokeSneak Peek

Deathstroke is headed to the big screen! But before the big event rolls out, check out the comic book series from DC Comics.

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BatmanDeathstrokeMoviesWarner Bros.

Remember a few weeks back when Ben Affleck took to Twitter to share a screen test of Deathstroke’s costume for the upcoming stand alone Batman movie? Well, now there’s someone to fill it.

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BatmanDCDeathstrokeMoviesWarner Bros.

So, who will be one of the Big Bads in the upcoming Batman solo movie? Director/star Ben Affleck shared this teaser video of Deathstroke.

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DCDeathstrokeSneak Peek

Are you ready for a new Deathstroke series? DC Comics released this sneak peek of Deathstroke Rebirth #1 that arrive in stores today.

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DCDeathstrokeRebirthSneak Peek

Suicide Squad is in theaters, and Deathstroke: Rebirth #1 is in comic book stores today.

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It’s long been said that what makes good movies are the bad guys. If that person is not challenging the main character of the film, then it’s dull as dishwater. If he or she is, then we often feel for the “good guy” of the film, want that person to win! I think comics have that same element to them. When the villain rises up and we worry that the hero or heroine will not be victorious, we’re anxious to turn the page and see what happens next. Our perception of villains has changed over the years. We used to

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DeathstrokeHighlanderMajor SpoilersPoll

When it comes to a big battle, the sword might be the deadliest of all weapons. We’ve seen heroes and villains wield swords of all shapes and sizes, and the opponent always ends up losing a few things during the encounter. But, who is the best sword wielder? VOTE!      

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Tiny Titans Return to the Treehouse #6 Feature Image
BatmanBrainiac 5DarkseidDCDeathstrokeFeaturedMary MarvelReviewStarfireTeen Titanstiny titans

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #6 sees the Titans get the treehouse and Slade and Darkseid show up! Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #6 sees the Titans get the treehouse and Slade and Darkseid show up! TINY TITANS: RETURN TO THE TREEHOUSE #6 Writers: Art Baltazar and Franco Artist: Art Baltzar Editor: Alex Antone Publisher: DC Comics Cover Price: $2.99 Previously on Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #5: Just when all hope of finding a new treehouse is lost, the girls travel to Paradise Island! Oh, what a wonderful place it is! But where are all the

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DCDeathstrokeDiamond Comic DistributorsMerchandisePOP! FiguresToys

The POP! Figures have quickly become the cute little figures on the shelves of many comic and pop culture fans around the world, and today, we learn that Deathstroke is getting miniaturized as part of the series.

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When Black Mask puts a hit out on Batman in the game Batman: Arkham Origins eight of the best assassins come to Gotham to try and take him out. The fan-film Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin takes a look at how he “auditions” for Black Mask.

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Batmancomic conventionDCDeathstrokeJokersan diegosan Diego Comic ConToysVideo Games

Some figures for the Batman: Arkham Origins line had already been announced, such as Batman, Black Mask, and Joker. DC Collectibles has announced a few more and has all of the figures on display in San Diego. Fortunately for those of us playing at home, there are pictures of them after the jump.

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DCDeathstrokeMarv WolfmanSolicitationsTeen TitansVideo Game

DC is putting on a “Villains Month” this September with most of their titles taking at least a .1 detour. While the merits of this idea can and have been discussed elsewhere, we have seen some interesting news with the solicits for the not one, but two Teen Titans issues for the month, which you can check out after the jump.

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Slade Wilson gets the statue treatment in this new ARTFX Statue from Kotobukiya. A whole gallery of images after the jump as well as the price you’re gonna pay to get this super soldier into your collection.

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