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Sneak Peek Far Sector #1
[First Look] Far Sector #1

DC is expanding its Green Lantern lineup with Far Sector featuring Green Lantern Sojourner “Jo” Mullein’s adventures on the other side of the universe. The publisher sent Major Spoilers a first look at Far Sector #1 from N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell.

Titans: Burning Rage #3 Review 6.0

The Titans are fighting against the Fearsome Five to prevent them from setting off a bomb! Will the Titans get to the bomb in time? FInd out in the Major Spoilers Review of Titans: Burnage Rage #3 by DC Comics!

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #403: Interviews with Ed Jowett and Joshua Williamson

It’s another great double-header episode this week, #403! First up is the return of Ed Jowett from Shades of Vengeance, who has a great Kickstarter going on right now for ERA: The Empowered Volume 1: An 84-Page Graphic Novel. It’s described this way: “As superhuman powers emerge across the world, three individuals have to contend with not only villains, but other types of problems… .” It’s always great to talk with Ed, and we delve into these books, how the audio versions of their stories are made, and what we can expect from them in the months ahead! Then everything…

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