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The DC Solicitation for June article posted yesterday didn’t have the pictures for the WoW figures listed. So, for those of you who are dying to see the figures close-up, take the jump.

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The Wizard World Chicago Mattel/DC Panel is over. Mattel unveiled Wave 2 of the Classics line and promised it would be fixing the problems of some characters being extremely hard to find. Take the jump for other highlights.

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This is going to be a big month for DC fans. First, 52 is over and the fallout can begin. Remember that strange image DC sent us a couple of weeks ago that hinted at the future of the DCU? Did you notice Batman was wearing some strange pirate/Arabic costume? Batman #666 looks like it reveals the tie between that mysterious DC image and the Bat. Also, check out the JSA/JLA crossover titles that were the hallmark of the Multiple Earth series from days of old. Second, May will be a month of direct figures from DC Unlimited including the

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DC has unveiled a new series of figures based on several DC Superheroines, all done in Anime style. First up will be Supergirl, Powergirl, Batgirl, and Catwoman. A shot taken at the booth indicates future figures will include Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, and evil Supergirl. Not sure I like the rendition of the figures, but you can bet fanboys will snatch these figures up to display on their shelves. Manga and Anime are becoming a big deal in the United States, so why not cash in on the trend? Take the jump for the full color images.

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Wizard Entertainment has posted images of the first series of DC Unlimited’s World of Warcraft figures coming this Summer. Series 2 will feature a Human Warrior and a Troll Priest. Take the jump for the full sized Blood Elf Rouge. I’m all about the Alliance, but after seeing these images, I may have to change my battle cry to “For the Horde!”.

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DC Comics announced the creation of DC Unlimited yesterday, along with their first line of World of Warcraft action figures. The new brand isn’t stopping with just those figures, announcing today the acquisition to license and release figures based on Afro Samurai the animated series. Afro Samurai collectibles will include fully articulated 6.75″ figures and 14 inch resin busts and statue. The first wave will include Afro Samurai his bad self, sidekick Ninja Ninja, and adversaries Kuma and Justice. These figures are expected to hit comic book and specialty stores this Fall.

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