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BatmanDC DirectFeaturedReview

The big reveal is revealed… and it is revealing! Does Scott Snyder’s swerve pay off in the end, or does it fall on its face like a Talon in the freezer? Major Spoilers reviews Batman #10, that you can check out, after the jump! Oh, MAJOR SPOILERS IN EFFECT!

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Press Release DC Direct, the exclusive collectibles division of DC Entertainment, announced today an extensive line-up of new collectibles based on flagship publishing and film initiatives. Leading into New York Toy Fair, DC Direct unveiled two new collectible statues based on character art from the recently announced BEFORE WATCHMEN, a series of all-new stories that expand on the universe of best-selling graphic novel, WATCHMEN. Prototypes for Rorschach and Comedian statues will be unveiled at the show, kicking off the new BEFORE WATCHMEN product line that will go on sale later this year, exclusively from DC Direct.

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BatmanDCDC DirectstatuesToy Fair

If you have seen pictures of my Nerd Room of Doom, you know an entire shelving unit is filled with Batman: Black & White statues.  I’ve vowed to continue to buy them as long as DC continues to make compelling statues, and I think the upcoming Black Mirror Batman is going to earn a deserved spot on the top shelf.

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With the relaunch/reboot/re-imagining the occurred with DC Comics’ New 52, the one thing many didn’t see coming (unless they watched Green Lantern movie) was Sinestro becoming a Green Lantern again.  DC Direct steps up for the Green Lantern fan in your life with an action figure ready just in time for gift giving.

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CatwomanDCDC DirectFeaturedReviewstatues

It’s been far, far, far too long since we featured our statue gallery, and since this works of art are just lining up to be featured, we thought now was just as good a time as any to show off these miniature marvels.  This week we take a look at DC Direct’s Women of the DC Universe – Catwoman statue based on the art of Adam Hughes.

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Action FiguresDCDC Directsan diegostatuesToys

As much as I love comic books, its the merchandise that gets me to dig deep into my pockets.  The DC Direct panel just wrapped, we scoured the Intardwebz, and here is what we know…

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Adam HughesBatmanDC DirectFeatureFeaturedstatues

Over the last decade, statues have been fighting comic books and trade paperbacks for shelf space in the Major Spoilers Nerd Room of Doom.  There’s something about a three dimensional sculpt that brings the four color character to life. But what good are these statues (limited run, mass produced, and so on), if you can’t share their beauty with others? This week, we kick off a really long series of galleries of some of the statues in our vast collection, and we’re starting with the Women of the DC Universe.

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AnimationDCDC DirectDVDGreen LanternMerchandiseMovies

DC Comics announced the other day that a direct to DVD animated movie exploring the Green Lantern Corps is on the way in June, and the merchandise for the movie isn’t far behind.  The company announced an 11.6-inch high Sinestro statue will make its way to shelves in July. No word on price just yet.  And if the solicitation for the statue is a clue, expect to see Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Arisia, and another statue or two showing up real soon. via The Source

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DCDC DirectGreen LanternMerchandiseMoviesToysWarner Bros.

DC Direct released the solicitation information for the Green Lantern movie tie-in products, which includes maquettes, busts, prop replicas and more.

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BatmanBatman And RobinBatwomanDC DirectDetective ComicsFeaturedGotham City SirensReview

The Thanksgiving week is a really weird one. It makes for a short work week, which is nice, but the four day weekend, where we stuff our gullets with turkey and spend the next three days in a stuffing filled haze can be a bit overwhelming. Such is the case with DC Comics and the plethora of Batman titles released each week. Since I’m such a Batman fan (he said with much sarcasm), here’s a rundown of the past week’s Bat-titles.

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DCDC DirectFeaturedGalleryHarley Quinnstatues

A couple of weeks ago, my Cover Girls of the DC Universe: Harley Quinn statue arrived.  Based on the art of Adam Hughes, the boxed treasure has been begging to be opened.  I finally took the plunge, opened the box, and am sharing the event – and the images, with you.

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BatmanDCDC DirectFeaturedFrank QuitelyMajor SpoilersME WANTMerchandisestatuesThe Want ListVideo

New kicks from DC, Frank Quitely’s Batman statue, and a Proton Pack Backpack.

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Nightwing Thumb
Action FiguresDCDC DirectFeaturedMajor SpoilersNightwing

Whilst browsing around my local comic book shop today, I saw an action figure set I just had to have: a pair of Nightwing figures, featuring both the modern and original designs. What can I say? Disco Nightwing is just that awesome. So I eagerly made my purchase, and upon getting the set home an idea dawned on me: why not write a quick review of it for Major Spoilers?

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BatmanDCDC DirectFeaturedFrank QuitelyGalleryReviewstatues

Trying something a bit different this week, as I finally got around to opening the latest Batman Black and White Statue from DC Direct.  The latest is based on the work by Frank Quitely, and it is quite wonderful. So much so that I had to take it out in the wild to see what it looked like in the real world.

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