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Or – “IT’S AMBUSH BUG II, Y’ALL!” There are many characters out there whose appeal is obvious.  The popularity of a Batman or a Spider-Man cannot be denied, but occasionally a character hits the public consciousness in ways that even the creators can’t quite figure out.  Thus it was in the early 80s with Ambush Bug.  One of the first characters to repeatedly break the fourth wall, the Bug’s madness was contagious, and his early appearances are still sought after by collectors today.  (Not much else makes back issues of DC Comics Presents actually pop in price, to be honest.) 

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DC Comics PresentsFeaturedGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsRetro ReviewReview

Or – “A Key Bronze Age First Appearance Of A Big-Time Fan Favorite…” Geoff Johns is a talented writer, and he has a knack for bringing characters to life in new and different ways, making them feel fresh and iconic at the same time.  Sometimes, though, it’s interesting to go back to the beginnings and see how some of our favorites started out, like when the episodes of ‘Good Morning, Mrs. Bliss’ end up in ‘Saved By The Bell’ rotation.  Luckily, for everyone involved, there’s a lot less Mr. Belding here…

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DCDC Comics PresentsFeaturedLoboReprintReview

Lobo’s back and that means it’s time to showcase some of his old adventures. But why did DC choose to collect a rather sorry group of relatively recent, unrelated stories? If the Main Man doesn’t get some answers soon, he’s going to stab Superman with a hook.

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DCDC Comics PresentsFeaturedRetro ReviewReviewSanta ClausSuperman

Or – “Big Blue Meets Big Red!” I confess that, even as I enjoy today’s more adult comic fare and the grown-up perspectives that (usually) come with it, there are a few things that I do miss from years past.  I’ve lamented that comics can’t be goofy anymore, that we can’t have a silly comic relief character like Woozy Winks clowning through the pages.  We can’t have a storyline that ends with “It was all a dream… OR WAS IT????”  Batman laughing at Robin’s bad puns, the Justice League spending time together off-duty, the Avengers taking time to play a

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