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Review Lightstep #1 Review
Lightstep #1 Review 7.7

A highly advanced civilization born on a rock flying through the galaxy at lightspeed. A young woman with a strange gift, which may wind up being more of a curse. A secret hidden away, but vital to the future. LIGHTSTEP #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

Review God of War #1 Review
God of War #1 Review 6.0

Kratos, the God of War, has fought the Greek gods to a standstill and has found a new life in a new land. But can a one-time weapon of the gods ever truly find peace, or will there always be new battles to fight? God of War #1 is out November 14th from Dark Horse Comics.

The Whispering Dark #1 Review 6.7

Morality and faith collide with the will to survive as a group of American Rangers attempt to escape from enemy territory.  Tune your moral compass to expediency in The Whispering Dark #1!

Review Olivia Twist #2 Review
Olivia Twist #2 Review 9.7

The Esthers have rescued Olivia and now Pip, and Olivia has to work off what she owes them – by thievery. Can she bring herself to do it? And who is the terrifying man in the red cloak?

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