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Dark Horse Comics for September 2017
Dark Circle ComicsSolicitations

Dark Horse Comics sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in September 2017.

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Dark Circle ComicsMoviesPress Release

PRESS RELEASE: QC Entertainment announced today the company will produce and finance the true crime thriller “Green River Killer,” which marks the feature film directorial debut of acclaimed actor Michael Sheen who will also star in the film. The screenplay written by Sheen made the coveted The Black List in 2015, and is adapted from the Dark Horse Entertainment’s award-winning graphic novel Green River Killer: A True Detective Story. The novel was written by Jeff Jensen, based on his father Tom Jensen, and artist Jonathan Case.

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Cullen BunnDark Circle ComicsFeaturedHorrorReview

Why is it that some of the best comics are written by writers of horror? This week, a new book debuted, and it’s pretty scary on many levels, but I’ve come to expect that from Cullen Bunn.

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Archie ComicsDark Circle ComicsFeaturedFoxReview

One of comics’ oldest characters, The Fox has been enjoying a new lease on life as a freak magnet.  Now, he’s officially part of the Dark Circle, but is that good news or bad new for him?  Your Major Spoilers review of The Fox #1 awaits!

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BPRDDark Circle ComicsHellboyMerchandiseSkelton Crew Studio

Skelton Crew studios, the great people behind the Locke & Key replicas has announced the latest BPRD Artifact Archive Collection piece will be non other than Tom Ferrell’s “Lucky” Bone.

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A couple of weeks back, I talked about the struggles retailers were having when ordering the books they would be selling. That included DC’s Convergence, two months in which titles would appear that might exist only during that time. Well, as reported right here at, DC announced on Friday how they’re going to proceed after the Convergence event.

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archieArchie ComicsDark Circle ComicsFeaturedMajor SpoilersPodcastWayne's Comics Podcast

I’ve been interested in the Dark Circle Comics line ever since I first heard about it! After all, I’ve been a fan of the Black Hood, The Shield and The Fox for years now! This week, I get to chat with Alex Segura, editor for those upcoming books, about the characters and the creators who will make these books worth your attention! We discuss what Alex sought out when looking for talent to bring these characters to life, what we might expect and not expect to see when the comics hit the stands, and what the future holds for this ambitious

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Atomic RoboBrian ClevingerConanDark Circle ComicsDynamite EntertainmentFeaturedMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastMarvelPodcastSuperman

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast – Brian Clevinger stops by to talk Atomic Robo’s new distribution method, Superman gets a new power, Hellcat lands on her feet on Netflix, Conan/Red Sonja #2, Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #2, and Sex Criminals #10.  

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Dark Circle ComicshardcoverPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release This August, Dark Horse remembers an animation legend and his works with The Art of Satoshi Kon.

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Archie ComicsDark Circle ComicsPress ReleaseSneak PeekSolicitations

Press Release Dark Circle Comics is proud to reveal the first interior pages from THE BLACK HOOD #1 and announce that the first issue will be fully returnable for comic book retailers that order 5 or more copies.

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Archie ComicsDark Circle ComicsPress Release

Press Release Archie Comics announced plans to relaunch its superhero imprint with a new name: Dark Circle Comics. The name change signals a new direction for the superhero titles, which will feature a more cinematic, literary and mature approach to the characters told in accessible stories that will appeal to new and longtime fans.

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