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Jawiin on youtube has released their Daredevil season 2 trailer 2 reaction video featuring Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson. Watch their initial reactions to Daredevil and speculations on scenes to come!

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Much time has been spent talking about Daredevil, and with the Daredevil Annual #1 now upon us, what better time to get your two favorite meatbags discussing the issue?

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Or – “You May Not Have Realized That Matt Murdock Wasn’t The First…” The debut of Superman in 1938 led to a virtual flood of superhero pretenders, from Captain America to Captain Zephyr, most of whom were little more than a (Captain) flash-in-the-pan.  Not so, Daredevil, who headlined his own book for most of a decade and darn near made it through to the Silver Age.  You may have seen him floating about (AC Comics, Dynamite Entertainment and Erik Larsen have all revived him in recent years), but you’ve never seen him quite like this…

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