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Dan DidioDC

DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio revealed a bit about the upcoming Rebirth event, and something that may set the Internetz on fire.

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comic conventionDan DidioDCGeoff Johns

Today, at the ComicsPRO retailer summit, DC Entertainment announced the first details of the coming Rebirth event. While they didn’t give everything away, there is just enough to make us scratch our heads.

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It’s been a rough couple of months for DC Comics. With the launch of the new DCYou initiative, their hopes were high that they might regain some of the market share they’d lost near the end of The New 52. Well, it didn’t turn out that way. FIRST, SOME PERSPECTIVE The New 52 was a big deal as far as sales go, particularly when it started. A relaunch of nearly all the DC characters (except for Batman and Green Lantern, which were already successful), this event began with lines waiting at local comics shops on Wednesday mornings. Collectors went nuts

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Dan DidioDCVideo

Dan DiDio shares a bit about the upcoming Convergence event in this tell-all video from DC Comics.

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A couple of weeks back, I talked about the struggles retailers were having when ordering the books they would be selling. That included DC’s Convergence, two months in which titles would appear that might exist only during that time. Well, as reported right here at, DC announced on Friday how they’re going to proceed after the Convergence event.

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Batmancomic conventionDan DidioMoviessan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCCSuperman

You probably saw it on Twitter last night, but as the doors opened on Preview Night at the San Diego Comic Con, and fans made their way to the Warner Bros. booth, the world got a really good first look at Ben Affleck’s costume from the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

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Dan DidioDC

With the announcement that DC Comics is gearing up for three weekly series, many have been asking how long DC thinks it can keep it up.  Seems like we have the answer, directly from Dan DiDio.

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Dan DidioDCFeaturedReview

DC is releasing fifty-two zero issues in an attempt to give a jumping on point for people that did not come on board with the New 52 from the get go, and as a way to re-tell the origins of those heroes who’s continuity was still confusing post-Flashpoint. In some cases, such as that of The Phantom Stranger, they are changing origins radically. Does the new origin work or is it a dud? Find out with this Major Spoiler’s review!

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Justice League International Annual 1 Picon
Dan DidioDCFeaturedGeoff Johnsjustice league internationalReview

The JLI has been run under the bus a couple times now, with team members dropping like flies. Can a different creative team for the annual bring about less death? Major Spoilers takes the plunge to find out!

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Dan DidioDCDC Universe PresentsNew 52Solicitations

DC Comics has announced that once the five part Deadman story concludes in DC Universe Presents, the company will reintroduce fans to the Challengers of the Unknown.

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Dan DidioDCEditorialFeaturedFrom the EditorNew 52

This past weekend, Dan DiDio set the Intardwebz ablaze when he made the announcement that the Crisis events from the last thirty years, including Crisis on Infinite Earths, never happened in the New DC Universe.

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Dan DidioDCJim LeeWildstorm

As the news begins to sink in regarding the partial move of DC to the West Coast, Dan Didio and Jim Lee shared the following announcement on The Source informing readers that Wildstorm and Zuda would be ending in December.

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Dan DidioDCGeoff JohnsJim Lee

Press Release DC Entertainment, founded in September 2009 to unleash the power of the DC Comics library of characters across all media platforms, has named its executive management team, including new co-publishers of DC Comics and a Chief Creative Officer, as well as heads of Sales/Marketing/Business Development and Finance/Administration. Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment, made the announcement today. The new senior executive team includes Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, who have been named Co-Publishers of DC Comics, and Geoff Johns, who will serve as Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment. Additionally, John Rood has been named Executive Vice President, Sales,

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brightest dayDan DidioDCFeaturedFlashFrom the EditorGeoff Johns

DC has released more information about the upcoming Brightest Day event.  It’s definitely going to be a company wide event, and it may just change some of your favorite titles for the better. Maybe.

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