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Dan Dare #1
Dan DareSolicitationsTitan Comics

Dan Dare, the Pilot of the Future, is set to return in a new comic book series from Titan Comics.

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Dan DareMoviesWarner Bros.

Warner Bros. has a whole catalog of comic book characters it can draw from for movie inspiration, so it is a bit of a surprise to find out that the company has landed the film rights to the British Dan Dare series.  It’s also been revealed that the movie studio has cast Avatar star Sam Worthington to play the title character, chief pilot of the Interplanet Space Fleet. Seeing as how Paradox has the rights to the Buck Rogers film, Dan Dare seems to be the best competition for that film. via Variety

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Action FiguresDan Dare

Dan Dare is a big character overseas, and while he did make a foray into ‘merican territory through the Virgin Comics line, many may not give a flip that the space hero is getting the action figure treatment .  Day2day Trading is creating the retro figure based on designs by Chris Weston.  The figure should be available in March/April of 2010. via Bleeding Cool

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Buck RogersDan DareDynamite Entertainmentsherlock holmesSneak Peek

Arriving in stores this week are Buck Rogers #2, Sherlock Holmes #3, and the Dan Dare Omnibus Trade Paperback, all from Dynamite Entertainment.  The company sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek, that you can read after the jump!

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Dan DareGarth EnnisMoviesVirgin Comics

Virgin Comics has announced it will be bringing the British adventurer Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future back to comic pages and to the silver screen. Dare — described as Britain’s version of Buck Rogers — launched as a comic strip character in the Eagle magazine in the 1950s. He’s long been a favorite of Virgin topper Richard Branson, who led the effort to acquire the publishing, TV, movie and vidgame rights to Dare. It was just a few years ago that Dan Dare was a 3D television series for overseas television. While the show never aired in the U.S.,

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