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I love crossovers! I mean, Star Trek and anything else sci fi? I’m there! Flash and Supergirl on CBS? Loved it! But, when I heard about Batman teaming up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I was skeptical. VERY skeptical. After all, it’s the Dark Knight working with what is often considered a kids franchise. I mean, talking turtles and Batman? I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it. However, I’ve grown to be a big fan of James Tynion IV, who can turn a great tale with the best of them. So I signed up for them. And I’m glad I

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The television event I’ve been waiting for is happening this Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It’s the annual crossover between The Flash and Arrow on The CW. Last year’s crossover was a huge ratings success, prompting the early renewal of both shows on the network. Will the same thing happen again? I hope so!

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With Disney’s purchase of Marvel some three years ago, fans have been waiting for a cross-over between each companies wide range of properties. Coming next summer will be the first such event broadcast to your television screen, and I don’t think it was possible to make a better choice.

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This stands as the final issue of the “Crossover that Wasn’t” as the conclusion of Irredeemable #33 is patently ignored and instead we’re treated to yet another issue of (admittedly good) exploration of the linked origin of Max Damage and the Plutonian.

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Or – “Marvel Vs. DC, 25 Years Or So Early…” There was a time in comics when the creator pool was a much smaller, and much tighter knit group, and when editorial control was pretty much limited to “Hey, Marv wants to use your guy next month.”  Creators might travel back and forth between the various publishers (though there was a Big Two, even then) and carry concepts and characters with them, as Steve Englehart did with Mantis and her various counterparts throughout his work.  Eventually, this would lead to unofficial crossover stories (one of which birthed the concept known

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Or – “Enid Strict Might Suggest A Third Option.  Could it beeeee… SATAN!?” The bigwigs of the two largest comic companies have recently been on record with differing opinions regarding the concept known as “event fatigue.”  DC’s Dan Didio believes that “event fatigue” is an excuse used to explain when your event comic (giant miniseries, resurrection, wedding, death, what-have-you) simply doesn’t work, whereas Marvel’s Joe Quesada says that event fatigue is not only a reality, but it affects the creators and editors as well as those of us in the Wednesday trenches.  As their respective universes embark upon twin destinies, (a superlatively bright

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Press Release LOS ANGELES, Calif., March 25th, 2009– Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today that the characters from their popular titles Hunter-Killer and Cyberforce will team up against The Mighty Avengers and Thunderbolts from Marvel Comics, in Fusion, a three part crossover mini-series with the first issue to debut in May 2009. As a summer crossover event, Fusion represents an apex in the continuation of an ongoing packaging agreement between Top Cow Productions and Marvel Comics that began in 2006.  The agreement between the two companies produced a number of great stories such as The Darkness/Wolverine, Cyberforce/X-Men, Witchblade/Punisher as

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It’s the bout you didn’t know you were waiting for.  Hot Cassie Hack is taking on Solomon Hitch in a brawl to end it all. Hackoween Drew Edwards (Writer) David Baldeón (Penciller) Scott D.M. Simmons (Inker) Marc Lewis (Colorist) Brian J. Crowley (Art Direction and Letters) Russell Hillman (Editor) See! Cassie and Vlad’s rampage through Solar City! Tremble! As alien sex gods rip the universe in half! Buy! Into our shameless hyperbole! And it’s all for free on! The only cost will be your immortal soul! The smackdown arrives October 15, 2008.

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