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Cory Walker, the co-creator of Skybound’s Invincible, will return to the series in April as a new arc kicks off.

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Cory WalkerImage ComicsInvincibleSolicitations

Cory Walker, the original artist on Robert Kirkman’s Invincible series, is coming back for a new story arc!

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The Greatest Superhero Comic in the Universe hits its milestone 100th issue, and things don’t look too good for Mark Grayson! Major Spoilers reviews Invincible #100 and lets you know if it lived up to the hype!

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Cory WalkerFeaturedImage ComicsInvincibleReviewRobert Kirkman

Allen the Alien makes a difficult decision, Nolan is reunited with Kid Omni-Man, and a lot of people have a lot of sex in this month’s Invincible!

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Cory WalkerImage ComicsInvincible

I’m pretty excited about the news that Cory Walker is returning to Invincible. While I love Ryan Ottley’s work in Invincible, it was the work of Cory Walker that originally got me hooked. On Tuesday, G4TV announced the co-creator will return to Invincible for a two-part story that sets up the upcoming Viltrumite War. “While Cory has been working behind the scenes in the INVINCIBLE crew, it’s great to have him back for these two very special issues,” INVINCIBLE co-creator and writer Robert Kirkman said. “They’re going to be pretty damn momentous in the grand scheme of INVINCIBLE as we

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