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One of my many other jobs has me covering the animation and motion graphics industry. Today during my search through the Interwebs I found this really cool short film by Isaak Fernandez Rodriguez. Batman: Chapter 1 – Help Me is a very stylized 3D animation that captures the tone of Batman, while at the same time mugging the intensity of Batman’s actions. Not much else is known on this piece at the moment, but it looks to be a school project. Follow the link for the complete short! via Pepeland (link)

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BatmancomputerlaptopRobinskinitSpider-Man 3Superman has a series of comic themed skins that you can purchase and put on your laptop or desktop system.  Currently Batman, Superman, Spider-man, and several manga titles are available.  Systems supported include laptops from Apple, Dell, Sony, HP, Toshiba, Acer, and Lenova.  On the desktop side, only HP systems are supported at this time.  Prices are fairly resonable starting at $29.95 for laptop skins. also has skins for your mp3 players, cell phones, gaming systems, and even your TiVo.

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