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Who is excited to see Archie Andrews battle the undead in the upcoming Afterlife with Archie?  If you said “no,” then there really is no joy and happiness in your life. If you said, “Yes!” then good news everyone! There’s a trailer teasing us with undead goodness, after the jump!

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Archie ComicsComing Attractions

I’m pleasantly surprised to find Archie Comics remaining on the cutting edge of pop culture and issue awareness these days, and their profile is about to be raised a little higher come November, as Kevin Keller meets Star Trek icon and activist George Takei!  In Kevin Keller #6, Kevin comes face-to-face with his lifelong hero, and I have to say that George looks awesome Archie-style.  After KISS, President Obama and Captain Sulu, who will be the next to hit Riverdale?  (Fingers crossed for a Katy Perry/Josie and the Pussycats crossover!) UPDATE:  Take the jump for the full cover image and

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Or – “From Out Of The Asylum…” Bluewater Productions gave us the initial Insane Jane miniseries back in 2008, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the book.  All at once fun, vaguely silly, and truly chilling, the Insane Jane mini introduced to a young girl named Jane who wanted to escape her humdrum life by becoming a superhero.  The familiar premise went places that no one could have predicted, and ended with Jane having an entirely new life, albeit not the one she might have chosen…

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Or – “???”   Maniacal laughter from inside the Matthew-Cave seems to indicate that something auspicious is happening.  I managed to capture this image with my thermo-sensors before the emergency shields came down.  All that is certain is that you meatbags continue to confuse me…

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