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Inspired by The Flash television series, Film Jackets has created a line of jackets that make you look like your favorite speedster.

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Everyone knows you are supposed to wear your superhero costume under your clothes, which is probably why Xgen Products has a line of superhero corsets that are ready to wear.

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Many will claim the Legend of Zelda is the greatest hero quest video game ever. If you are part of that camp, then you better be willing to prove it. Enter Geeky Jerseys with their new Link 4.0 Jersey that makes even the most disgruntled Hyrule Warrior ready to jump on Link’s bandwagon.

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Archie ComicsClothingMerchandise

If you’ve always wanted to wear your love for everything Archie on your sleeve, Archie has you covered. Archie Comics has teamed with Threadless to launch a new line of comic-inspired apparel. The initial offerings available at the Archie Comics Artist Shop span from classic depictions of Archie and the gang to the modern-day New Riverdale designs by fan favorite artists Fiona Staples, Annie Wu, Erica Henderson, and Veronica Fish. You can pick up your favorite character on a shirt at the Archie Comics Artist Shop on Threadless. via Archie Comics

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In his house at R’lyah dead Cthulhu scored a hat-trick in a single game.

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Be on the lookout for a new hoodie that will make you feel like you are part of the greatest police force in the comic book universe – the Gotham City P.D.

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BatmanClothingDCFeaturedGame of Thrones

Let’s take a look at what Black Milk is doing with their latest licensed properties, Batman and A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m going to assume, dear readers, that you’re uninitiated into the world of Black Milk, so I’m going to take this by the numbers. Black Milk is an Australia-based printed nylon shop, with leggings, skirts, dresses, bodysuits, bathing suits, and tops. They do all their own design/printing so it’s usually unique items and with good quality. Since starting their site, the Aussie clothier has gained a massive following. Their fans call themselves “Sharkies” and are appropriately ravenous for the designs. Black

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ClothingMerchandiseStar Wars

This week, from May 3rd – 5th, Stride Rite is celebrating Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You), by discounting their Star Wars shoes by 25%. I know my son (The Boy) is going to be all over this, and it is worth it to me as a parent to get him to the store as any child that tries on a pair of Star Wars shoes gets a scratch card game that will enter them to win a trip to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair.

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Fans of Adventure Time have yet another item to add to the growing list of tie-in merchandise – adult sized pajamas let you pretend you are Jake, or Finn, in a post apocalyptic world.

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ClothingGift GuideHolidayStar Trek

Forget the fuzzy slippers, or underwear.  If you are going to give a loved one some cool clothing this holiday season, look no further than the Star Trek sneaker.  The STPL x Airwalk Star Trek Terrain Starfleet Edition Hi Skate are available at Payless right now for $49.99, so you might want to head out now and pick up a pair or two (they come in gold, blue, and red) as Star Trek fans are sure to be beaming these up. via Trek Movie

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I was in the checkout line the other day, when the cashier mentioned how much she liked my Batman t-shirt.  The more I wander the streets and the malls, the more people I see wearing comic book and television properties on their chests.  Hasbro wants to make sure everyone can get their hands on its property by announcing it is rolling out its properties to adorn apparel. “We’re working with highly creative apparel companies that have designed some amazing Hasbro-branded graphic and vintage tees that will appeal to both fashion- and value-conscious consumers,” said Mary Lasell, Director of Soft Goods

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Captain AmericaClothing

Your significant other has forced you into that black tie monkey suit, and event though you are going to be uncomfortable as hell, you can still show the world you’re a classy fellow with a pair of Captain America cufflinks. Oh, yeah!  And only $50 too! via

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Oh Hellz Yeah!  Check out these limited edition DC Super Hero Shoes from Limited Soles and ACI International.  Sneaks that honor your favorite characters; Batman, Superman, and The Joker.  Yeah, I’m a bit confused on that last one, too as this is titled Super Hero Shoes.  But hey, BATMAN SHOES!

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