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Or – “Most People Don’t Know That His Full Name Is Manuel Labór.”   So, I have completed my daily labors, overseeing the dozen fellers and gals what make up the current workgroup to call themselves Team RamRod (“See, you’re Arkot Ramathorn… Ram. And I’m Rodney Farva… Rod. Team RamRod!”) and I am preparing to have some spaghetti and hang out with friends, but first I wanted to catch up with some of the many titles that I’ve neglected over the busy last days of August… RAPID-FIRE REVIEW TIME!

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Or – “The Family That Punches Together, Gets A Sequel A Decade Later…”     Let us go back, ladles and jellyspoons, to a far-flung time in our nation’s distant past.  As the years pile up in our wake, we travel back to another age, so different from our own as to be like a different world…  1994.  Bill Clinton was president, most of you weren’t even able to type yet, the Internet was still just USENET, Stephen was single, and I was just about to get married.  In the midst of the chaos that was comics (think teeth and claws,

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