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There’s a new Interstellar trailer that has arrived, and there’s something about this Christopher Nolan movie that screams “MUST WATCH THIS NOW!”

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Christopher Nolan has stepped away from the Bat-cowl and is now venturing back into more original stories that he and his brother Jonathan have written. Interstellar is Nolan’s next work and a trailer will be tagged onto the front of Desolation of Smaug this week, but in the mean time take a look at the logo that was just released.

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The mind is a dangerous place, and memories can lead you down the wrong path. This week, Zach gets educated on a different type of storytelling with Christopher Nolan’s Memento.

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On this week’s Zach on Film we discuss Batman trilogy director Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending  Inception. We make mention of his next project, Interstellar, which just began filming yesterday and had its first synopsis released.

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Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer, with some help from Christopher Nolan, team up to bring their vision of a modern Superman tale, and what may possibly be the start of a DC cinematic universe. The trio all have experience in making great movies starring cape donning protagonists, so this outing should be no different. Find out if they repeat success with the big, blue boy scout after the jump! (Spoilers below).

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A couple of weeks ago we learned that the script for the upcoming Justice League movie had been totally trashed and needed to be rewritten from the ground up.  With early press on the Man of Steel looking super positive, the latest rumor out of H’wood totally changes what Warner Bros. could be bringing to the table in 2015.

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BatmanChristian BaleChristopher NolanDark Knight RisesDCFeaturedMoviesReviewWarner Bros.

As Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy comes to a close, Batman faces his toughest challenge yet in Bane. Does the final film provide the proper ending for an epic trilogy or has Nolan run out of gas? Major Spoilers has the review.

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BatmanChristian BaleChristopher NolanDark Knight RisesDCMoviesTrailer

It was a matter of time for the official trailer for The Dark Knight Rises to arrive.  This is not the eight minute IMAX experience, but it does give you a look at what Bane has in store for Batman. If you want to see this in glorious HD, head over to iTunes for the complete experience. It’s time for you to sound-off in the comment section – Love it, or Hate it?

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BatmanChristopher NolanDark Knight RisesDCMoviesWarner Bros.

I’m surprised it took this long, but Tuesday evening, bootlegged copies of the Dark Knight Rises prologue began popping up across the Internet, and if you watched it, you got a glimpse of what Bane was all about.

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BatmanChristopher NolanDark Knight RisesDCMoviesRumor

With the release of Empire’s latest issue, the Internet is a buzz over revelations made within, just as news of a prologue and rumors hit as well.

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BatmanChristian BaleChristopher NolanDark Knight RisesMoviesWarner Bros.

The Dark Knight Rises continues shooting in Los Angeles, and a keen Major Spoilerite happened to be strolling down the avenue and snapped a couple pics of the Batwing.

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BatmanChristian BaleChristopher NolanDark Knight RisesDCMoviesWarner Bros.

With production going hot and heavy in Pittsburgh, and fans swarming all over the place, it didn’t take long for someone to post via Twitter a brand new vehicle spotted in the wild.

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BatmanChristian BaleChristopher NolanDark Knight RisesMoviesWarner Bros.

WPXI in Pittsburgh capture Batman and Bane practicing one of their big fight scenes at The Mellon Institute for The Dark Knight Rises.

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Originally, Warner Bros. had slated Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel Superman movie for December 2012, but now the studio has announced it is shifting the release date. The new date for Man of Steel has been set for June 14, 2013.  This aligns the movie with the Summer Blockbuster season, but there’s been no official word on why the move took place.  It could have been simply to see what other studios had in the works.  We already know Monsters University is set for a June 21 opening.  Everyone seems pretty up on David Goyer’s take on the hero, and

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