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Booster Gold has the disease Chronal Leprosy. With such a disturbing illness, he has to ask himself some questions: What’s going to happen? Can someone help me? Where, and more importantly, when can I go to get help? Oh, and above all else, what is Chronal Leprosy? Find out after the jump.

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Or�- “The Real World’s Greatest Detective Ain’t Some Spoiled Rich Kid From Gotham…” Today’s entrant marks a real watershed in the history of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Before Tellus, before Blok, even before the pseudo-alien blue skin of Shadow Lass, came today’s subject.� The first really alien alien on the Legion roster, (even though Brainiac 5 preceded him, Querl is really just a blonde white kid colored oddly) he comes from a mystical, secretive, and widely-reviled race of shape-shifters.  In a universe that fears and loathes his people, he acts as an ambassador, proving that perceptions, predispositions, and prejudices aren’t always

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