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Carpet Bomb ComicsFeaturedMajor SpoilersReview

Carpet Bomb Comics is a new company, currently in the process of launching itself with two titles. Brian already reviewed Factions #1, but found it not to be to his tastes, so how will Carpet Bomb’s other book fare?

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Carpet Bomb ComicsFeaturedReview

After recovering from the loss of his arm and still dealing with jumbled memories of past lives, Acker joins with the Society of the Enlightened as a Knight, and heads to Poland to investigate a new faction lead by the Blood Lord.

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Carpet Bomb Comicscomic conventionsan diegoSneak Peek

There are a number of comic books and comic book companies debuting at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Among the fresh faces is Carpet Bomb Comics, founded by Erik Hendrix and Michael Nelsen. The duo are offering up two titles at the show, and sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Faction #1 and The Citizens #1.

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