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If you enjoy superheroes from around the world, this week’s episode, #219, will be one you’ll want to listen to! Kalman Andrasofszky from Captain Canuck is here, and he discusses who this hero is and his connection to him as well as updating him for today’s readers. He also talks about the growing Canuck universe along with the animated episodes he’s working on! Oh, and he tells us just what a “canuck” is, too, so don’t miss it! For more information, go to this website! Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to the Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed!

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Captain BritainCaptain Britain and MI:13Marvel

Yesterday, Paul Cornell confirmed what had been rumored for some time – Captain Britain and MI: 13 were getting the axe by Marvel. Lastly, and this is really important, while we didn’t know this would be the last arc until comparatively recently, I had it in mind that it was possible it would be from the time I started plotting it. Indeed, the end of this arc marks the end of what I had planned for the book when I started. One of the images right at the finish is what I always felt I was heading towards, and I’m

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Captain BritainMarvelPreviewSecret InvasionSkrullapaloozaVariant

What do those silly Skrulls want with the heroes from the UK? We’ll find out in Captain Britan and MI: 13 #1, Marvel’s latest ongoing series spinning out of Secret Invasion. Marvel has previously announced the series, but today sent Major Spoilers the variant cover by Brandon Peterson. Take the jump for the full cover featuring a winged skrullified Ghost Rider – no wonder Marvel is the House of Ideas.

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