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captain actionDynamite EntertainmentSneak Peek

Take three really creative comic book types and throw Captain Action their way, and see what happens next. Art Baltazar, Franco, and Chris Smits present another installment of Captain Action Cat, and we have a sneak peek, after the jump!

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captain actionchris robersonDynamite EntertainmentPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release Dynamite Entertainment, in conjunction with Captain Action Enterprises, proudly announces the September launch of CODENAME: ACTION, a six-issue comic book event that unites the ultimate super-spy, Captain Action, with classic pulp heroes including Green Hornet, Kato, the Spider, and Black Venus.  Written by Chris Roberson (Masks, Superman) and featuring artwork by Jonathan Lau (Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet), the debut #1 issues will include variant covers by accomplished illustrators Jae Lee, Francesco Francavilla, Jonathan Lau, Johnny Desjardins, and Art Baltazar.

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captain actionMajor SpoilersQuestion Of The Day

This week’s Hero History was somewhat slower going than previous ones, in part due to the sheer brilliance of the art in DC’s original Captain Action series from the late 1960’s.  I kept getting swept up in the art (originally done by Wally Wood, then by Gil Kane with Wood inks) and sidetracked from the task of chronicling his exploits.  It reminded me of a discussion I used to have with like-minded nerds in college, wherein we opined on which favorite artist we would rather have creating our world, given the choice.  For a long time, I wanted to live

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captain actionDCFeaturedHero History

Or – “The Amazing 9-In-1 Superhero!” When I was a kid, there was no filter between toys, cartoons, comics and movies, nor would we have wanted one.  We could watch the cartoon adventures of the same characters in our comics (though their adventures were often tonally different) and buy the appropriate tie-in toys at the local TG&Y store when we were done.  Of course, this isn’t a Facebook post about how things were better when we were younger, this is all about the comics.  When evil rears its ugly head, sometimes you need a hero with versatility, one who isn’t

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captain actionMoonstone BooksThe Phantom

Moonstone Books has announced it is collecting the two issue mini-series featuring The Phantom and Captain Action into a hardcover collection that arrives in stores this week (November 24, 2010). Lee Falk’s adventure comic creation, The Phantom has fought his way through the jungles of the world and the imaginations of fans for almost seventy five years. The toy that was several heroes rolled into one man, Captain Action has returned with guns and action blazing from the nostalgic past. Now, thanks to writer Mike Bullock and artist Reno Maniquis, these legendary leading men of justice share an adventure tailor-made

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Or – “I Decided To Trick Or Treat With My Kid Instead… Sorry.” The MUSIC MEEEISSSSTERRRR! Sing the song that the world wants to heeeear! Man, I’ve had that stuck in my head for WEEKS, now. This particular RFR was meant to go up last week, just in time for the annual festival of half-price chocolate, but various things conspired to keep me from completing it until today. For those of you who can’t get enough comic review goodness, I’ve got the cowbell to slake your fever, and it’s time to ask ourselves, baby, what’s the word? In the words

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Or – “Most People Don’t Know That His Full Name Is Manuel Labór.”   So, I have completed my daily labors, overseeing the dozen fellers and gals what make up the current workgroup to call themselves Team RamRod (“See, you’re Arkot Ramathorn… Ram. And I’m Rodney Farva… Rod. Team RamRod!”) and I am preparing to have some spaghetti and hang out with friends, but first I wanted to catch up with some of the many titles that I’ve neglected over the busy last days of August… RAPID-FIRE REVIEW TIME!

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Or – “I Think We Can Be Certain It’s Not Really Final…” I started to try and write a big clever open, but y’know what?  RACCOON WITH A HEAVY MACHINE GUN!!!!! How am I s’pose to top that?

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Or – “Major Spoilers, Major Time Crunch!  I Blame Stephen!”   There’s a couple of reasons why I do what I do here at Major Spoilers…  The first is, I love comics, and I know you do, too.  (See what I did there?)  I want you to look at Wednesdays the same way I do, with a combination of joy, expectation, and “What in the world will they do next?”  Basically, I want to share the love. Also, and possibly more importantly, I’m an attention whore.  Problem is, I actually have two jobs other than this one, both of which tend

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